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Adults diagnosed or undiagnosed ADHD

Do you find yourself needing help managing day-to-day tasks?

ADHD impacts executive functioning and emotional regulation, both of which we very much depend on to navigate through everyday life. 

It could be that organising your home, managing finances or remembering appointments require so much mental energy. Sometimes, it feels like they are entirely unachievable.  You feel like you are trying hard to stay on task, but your mind is willing to move on to something else that has suddenly taken priority.  Does this sound familiar?

It may be that sustaining intimate relationships and friendships is tricky; you might be super sensitive to criticism or have a chronic fear of rejection. This can lead to people pleasing or repeatedly allowing others to cross your boundaries.

If you cannot meet a deadline or successfully carry out everyday tasks, this can lead to chronic feelings of shame, guilt and frustration, which can profoundly impact your emotional well-being; you might feel depressed, anxious or angry.

How Can Therapy Help?

Therapy can help you work through complex thoughts, feelings and emotions.  Exploring difficult emotions can be painful, and as humans, we try to move away from pain, which results in us often suppressing emotions.

However, therapy provides a safe space to manage these emotions healthily and then let them go so they no longer have power over your life.

It could be that you have created a set of beliefs based on what parents or teachers told you as a child.  Maybe you were known as the child who couldn’t sit still or who didn’t listen or pay attention in class.  It may be that you heard those around you say you were lazy.  You were none of these things, but you may still hold these same beliefs today.

These beliefs can stay in the subconscious mind and continue to impact how you perceive yourself as an adult.

Therapy can get to the root of outdated beliefs and install new healthy, positive thoughts allowing you the freedom to live your life!  

Clear Haven Therapy offers counselling, hypnotherapy, and coaching services.

Woman with ADHD
For an adult with ADHD, the key to success is to find the courage to be who you are. This means shaping your life to fit your impulsiveness, distractability, high energy and need to stimulation.
Lara Honos-Web
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