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Counselling for Anger Management - 1:1 Online Programme

Is anger getting in the way of your relationships, or is it difficult to hold down a job? 

You may have stopped socialising, as you get involved in conflict each time you go out.

Living with anger impacts your mental and physical health, affecting the lives of those closest to you.

We all experience anger from time to time; it’s normal.   Anger alerts us to danger by activating the fight or flight response which floods our body with the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol.  Positively, these hormones provide us with a surge of energy so we can quickly take action to keep ourselves safe from danger. 

Anger becomes problematic when the fight or flight response is repeatedly activated when you are not in real danger, and the offence is released in a destructive way to yourself and others.

Anger is a secondary emotion, meaning there are primary emotions beneath anger.  If you think of an iceberg with anger above the surface, there can be many emotions, such as shame, frustration, sadness, injustice, and embarrassment underneath the surface.   

These emotions can be challenging to manage, and they can be suppressed for various reasons.  However, suppressed emotions cause many problems, such as anger, headaches, and anxiety.   Therefore, to successfully work with anger management issues, it is essential to work with what is beneath the offence, which is unique to each person.

Why do I get so angry? Exploring how to overcome anger.

Working with Anger

The key to working with anger is getting to the root cause and exploring and eliminating outdated beliefs.   

Typically, Anger Management Programmes will focus on breathing exercises, journaling, and meditation techniques.

These are all beneficial techniques to incorporate into your life for your overall mental health.   But, for permanent, fast change, working with the subconscious mind is necessary, as this is where you will find outdated, unhelpful beliefs. 

Similarly, when working with the subconscious mind, we can instal new healthy, empowering beliefs.

Programme Content

Anger Management Therapy

Our specialised 1-1 Anger Management Programme is tailored to suit each client’s individual needs.  It will get to the root cause of why YOU are holding onto anger rather than relying on implementing coping strategies.

This program takes commitment from you!  If you are ready for change, you must invest six weeks.  The program contains:

  • A relaxing MP3 hypnosis recording
  • One-to-one 2-hour hypnosis session
  • One-to-one 30-45-minute counselling/coaching sessions X 4
  • A bespoke MP3 hypnosis recording (you will need to listen to this for 28 days)
  • Email contact for six weeks

To learn more about the RTT Method and how it works, please check out my blog, six facts of RTT.

This program combines an RTT session, and counselling sessions, so as well as eliminating anger your anger issues, you will learn strategies to help you stay calm and relaxed when presented with stressful situations.  

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