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Long Covid – Ease the Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression

Long Covid – Managing the Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression


If you have been diagnosed with Long Covid you will know that it is much more that a cold.  Although, many of the symptoms are similar to those of a heavy cold or flu-like infection there are some considerable differences.  One being there seems to be no end in sight.  This  factor alone can impact on a person’s mental health.

We can manage physical pain and discomfort much better when we know that it will come to an end. We know that a broken bone will slowly mend, and when we have food poisoning, we know that we will start to feel better in a few days,   Long Covid does not offer any of the usual medical guarantees and assurances. 

Can Hypnosis Help?

The most commonly reported mental health issues associated with Long Covid is anxiety and depression.  It appears that the usual approaches to taking care of yourself during a respiratory illness do not seem to make the same impact on the symptoms of Long Covid.  Hypnotherapy can be of enormous benefit in this situation, calming and re-programming the mind to achieve a much better and balanced outlook.

Your unconscious mind is one of the most powerful healing tools on the planet. It has only one job, and that is to keep you safe. However, the unconscious is not an all-informed, smart being with all the answers! It knows only what you tell it to know.  It consolidates experiences according to past results or effects. Thus, if you have a pleasant experience the first time you drink a reasonable amount of alcohol, your unconscious mind makes the connection and urges you to repeat it. As most of us know, to our cost, increasing the amount of alcohol we consume does not necessarily increase the pleasure we get.

The good news is that your unconscious mind responds equally well to messages of a positive nature. And you do not have to physically experience something in order for your mind to accept it as real. So, when your unconscious mind receives suggestions of a positive nature during Hypnosis, or “deep meditation” it perceives them as being real, true and beneficial. Hypnotherapy can help to lift any feelings of anxiety that may be a result of Long Covid, enabling you to take whatever action is necessary.

What about Physical Healing?

We all want to feel better, and that is where reprogramming our thought patterns and mind come in. But what about actually being better?

What you may not realize is that, although you genuinely feel that your illness is rooted solely in your physical body, it is also anchored into your emotional body to a greater or lesser extent. It is very common for a person to become emotionally attached to their physical symptoms, even to welcome them as validation for their behaviour. When you suddenly develop a stomach bug that prevents you from making that presentation you were dreading, it is perfectly possible that your unconscious mind made it happen.

Likewise, it is possible that the symptoms of Long Covid have become a part of an individual’s perception of themselves, often as a person who need protecting, and that they are performing some kind of protective function for the individual.

Hypnotherapy is extremely efficient in cases like this as it takes your mind deeply into the emotional and mental issues that may have led to you forming, albeit unknowingly, an attachment to your physical symptoms. Once this has been established some truly remarkable healing can be allowed to take place.

Cell Command TherapyTM

All of the cells of our bodies retain a “memory” even if we are not consciously aware of it. It is very common for anyone experiencing trauma in childhood to bury the memory of the experience so deeply that they genuinely do not remember it. Other unpleasant memories are buried or repressed by all of us on an almost daily basis, some with more severe consequences than others. We “conveniently” forget the things we have no interest in recalling, especially if we feel that we behaved in a way that makes us feel uncomfortable or ashamed.

Hypnotherapy uses techniques to release the cellular memories of anything that could be causing us problems in the present. Once the release is accomplished, a technique known as Command Cell TherapyTM can be used to tell the cells of the body to heal themselves.

The above statement may seem to be far-fetched or even impossible to some people. However, once we consider how the brain is able to construct new neural pathways after just one session of Hypnotherapy, we can see how other cells and organs are equally suggestible. This description is necessarily simplistic of course, because what Cell command TherapyTM  actually achieves is an integration of the subconscious, the spiritual or Higher Self, and the physical bodies of an individual in order to bring about healing on the deepest level.

Loss of taste and smell, along with a persistent and debilitating cough, fatigue loss of energy, are very common symptoms of Long Covid. These can be addressed very successfully using Hypnotherapy techniques, including Command Cell TherapyTM , because it is an application of the concept that thoughts and ideas in the mind, and in the “mind” of each individual cell, produce effects in the body. Through learning to accept only positive impressions and messages you can change your body. Negative or flawed thoughts that are responsible for unwanted symptoms can be eradicated and replaced with positive programs that lead to better health.

Best of all, and this will be especially welcome news if you are suffering from the effects of Long Covid, these negative thoughts and effects are removed gently and painlessly, using positive hypnotic suggestions, without emotional trauma.

There are other significant factors that help with the symptoms of Long Covid, which are a range of self-care techniques, and importantly a protein rich diet, and one which includes healthy range of vitamins and minerals.  The body is working harder when it is trying to repair so it is important to fuel the body with energy rich foods and plenty of fluids.

Protein Rich Diet

By introducing a combination of therapies, self-care techniques and a healthy diet it is possible to drastically ease the symptoms of Long Covid.

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