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Privacy Policy

Clear Haven Therapy
  • Carol Gordon
  • MBACP Registered & Accredited Counsellor
  • Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner (RTT)
  • Life Purpose Life Coach
  • Tel:  07425487721
  • Email:
  • Website:


I will treat what you tell me with the utmost respect, and will only share what you tell me in the following situations:

  • If I think that you or someone else is in danger. I would normally discuss this with you and hope to agree with you who else I would talk with, how and when.
  • If I hear information relating to terrorism, hit and run, or money laundering that I am legally obliged to disclose to the police.
  • If I am called as a witness to court proceedings.
  • If we agree that I need to pass on information to an agreed person in order to help prevent you harming yourself, or someone else. I would not normally pass on this kind of information without your agreement, but if circumstances arose in which I thought that I should, I would tell you.
  • For the purposes of supervision. Supervision, or professional consultancy, is the process by which therapists review their work. Most supervision takes place with a specific supervisor but sometimes opportunities for supervision arise in other professional settings (e.g. training workshops and with peers). I don’t use a name and am extremely careful not to disclose any information that might identify you.

I am registered as a data controller.  I keep very brief anonymised notes so that I am able to track our work together; they are stored securely and accessible to you should you wish to see them.


  • Counselling session are for 50-minutes and the frequency of sessions will be decided between you and me.
  • RTT Sessions are for a maximum of 2 hours. Hypnosis is used during the process of RTT.  It is necessary you participate fully by listening to your personalised recording for 21 days, as this plays an important part of overall success.  Hypnotherapy recordings should not be listened to whilst driving, operating machinery or undertaking any other activity where concentration is
  • Any recording provided during sessions is for your personal use only and must not be shared, lent, copied or sold under any

GP Details

I will ask for your GP details and whether or not you are on any medication so that I have that awareness in session (i.e. epileptic seizure, hypo in diabetes etc). 

If you have any history of Psychosis or Epilepsy this must be discussed during the Discovery Call as RTT may not be a suitable intervention.


Please give a minimum of 24 working hours’ notice if you want or need to cancel a session or as early as you are able if this is not possible. You can cancel by phone, text or email.  Full payment will be required for sessions that are not cancelled within 24 hours.

Meeting in Public

If we see each other in a public place I will not approach or speak to you unless you do so first. This is due to the fact that I do not want to breach your confidentiality, particularly if you are with another person.   Your privacy is important to me.

Other therapeutic relationships

It is not ethical for me to work with another counsellor’s client, so please let me know if you are seeing another counsellor or psychotherapist. It would also be useful (and not a problem) for me to know if you are seeing another kind of therapist.


If you feel unhappy with any of the work we are doing together, I hope that, in the first instance, you will feel able to bring this up with me and that we can find a way of resolving matters in a way that you find supportive.  If you would like to change Counsellor I am happy to facilitate this process. I am a member of BACP and they do have a complaints procedure that you can use as necessary.


Please let me know if you want to bring our work together to an end, or if you want to take a break for a while. Ending counselling often brings up new issues and it may be important for us to plan enough time to talk these through.

Additional Support

If you need emotional support between sessions you may wish to contact Breathing Space on / 0800 83 85 87,  The Samaritans on / 116  123, or Young Minds,uk  Or, you may wish to contact your GP.



I have read and received a copy of “INFORMATION FOR CLIENTS” (please tick)


To be completed by Client or Guardian if under 16





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GP name:


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Carol Gordon


Carol Gordon




Clear Haven Therapy

Clear Haven Therapy’s mission to help people realise and channel their optimum selves.  To live a fulfilling life, you need to firstly understand yourself.   Learning more about your inner-self, and your core-values deeply enhances how you perceive yourself and the people around you.

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