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Stop Smoking In One Session!

You know that smoking is bad for you, you are aware of the increased risk of developing lung cancer, the damage caused to your immune system, and the drain smoking has on your finances.  You know all of this, but you just cannot seem to quit.   You may have tried, losengers, patches or even medication but they either haven’t worked, or worked only for a short time.   If you truly want to stop smoking then you can, provided you have the desire for change.

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) gets to the root cause of why you started smoking, and when you have this information, you will come to realise that you don’t need cigarettes in your life today.

The objective of a RTT session for quitting smoking is to replace the desire to smoke with a new thought patterns that give you a stronger desire to stop. In order to do this, you will be taken into a deep relaxation, often referred to as “trance”, using specialised meditation techniques.  You will still be in complete control of everything that happens, and you will still be aware of where you are and what is happening at all times.

During this state of deep relaxation, your unconscious mind is extremely receptive to suggestions and new thoughts. You will feel, see, hear and experience all of the positive effects of quitting smoking and your mind will become “reprogrammed” to become indifferent to cigarettes and other smoking aids.  Even when in the company of smokers, you will not be tempted to smoke, as it no longer interests you.  If you are serious about being a non-smoker please get in touch!


Clear Haven Therapy’s mission to help people realise and channel their optimum selves.  To live a fulfilling life, you need to firstly understand yourself.   Learning more about your inner-self, and your core-values deeply enhances how you perceive yourself and the people around you.

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